What Happens If You Violate Probation For The First Time?

Is probation violation a Felony? How much jail time will I serve for probation violation?

We get these kind of questions a lot and this quick video addresses that issue in Texas.

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First Probation Violation?

A probation violation can potentially lead to your probation being revoked.

Many people ask, “How long is jail time for probation violation?”

Generally that will depend on the crime that you committed and possibly other surrounding circumstances. It’s best to contact a criminal attorney in your jurisdiction to discuss this.

Failing To Meet With Your Probation Officer

This is one of the most common ways that people violate their probation. Generally you will have mandatory reporting requirements which are placed at certain intervals throughout your probation period. Do your best to make every required meeting.

Failing to attend any kind of court ordered classes or counseling is also an easy way to violate your probation.

Paying Probation Fees

Sometimes your probation will come with the mandatory payment of fees. Any failure to pay these fees could result in a violation.

Community Service During Probation

Do not skip out on your required community service because that can also lead to a violation of your probation.

Do Not Commit A Crime While You Are On Probation

This goes without saying, but it is the fastest way to catch a violation.

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