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Dallas DWI Lawyer Reviews

Many of our clients ask to see our reviews online, or they want a few testimonials before we begin working on their case.

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Finding Dallas DWI Lawyer Reviews

Getting arrested for DWI in Dallas could threaten your driver’s license, freedom and even your job, in some cases. Never face the criminal justice system without an aggressive, experienced DWI defense lawyer as the cost of a DWI conviction is tremendous.

An effective method to find a great DWI attorney in Dallas is to check online lawyer reviews. Seventy-two percent of consumers trust online reviews just as much as recommendations from real people, so reviews can be very valuable.

Note however that it is possible that some attorneys could have fake reviews featured that were outsourced to freelance websites such as or Still, with some sleuthing and checking several sources, you still can use online lawyer reviews to find a good Dallas drunk driving defense attorney.

5 DWI / DUI Attorney Review Sites

Facebook DUI Lawyer Reviews

One of the easiest places to find Dallas DWI Lawyer reviews in on Facebook.

Facebook recently revamped its mobile apps and website to make it simpler for users to get recommendations from friends, and to interact more directly with businesses.

With the recent changes, you can write a post asking for recommendations on a good attorney for your city. Then, you have the option to turn on Recommendations. Your friends then can comment on the post with recommendations.

A cool feature is that you can see all of the recommendations located on a map and they are saved in one place.

Google DWI Attorney Reviews

One of the most reliable and informative sources for lawyer reviews is Google. To find reviews, all you need is to perform a simple search.

AVVO Reviews | (469) 718-2020 is a great legal resource, and currently features more than one million lawyer reviews across America. Just go to the Lawyer Directory and pick ‘Dallas.’

If you were looking for estate planning, you would select that keyword phrase on the Dallas page. Several estate planning attorneys come up. You can see that some of the attorneys have a few reviews, and others have 10 or more. Some attorneys even have the fees that they charge for simple services.

Yelp Reviews

Yelp is also a good source for legal reviews. You can search for your lawyer’s reviews on Yelp and also find a map to their office.

LinkedIn DWI Lawyer Reviews has a feature that allows both lawyers and clients to write recommendations. You can do a search for various types of attorneys at the top of Linkedin; make sure you search for ‘people.’ When you do so, you will get a long list of attorneys in whichever area you searched in.

You can check the recommendations that those attorneys have on their Linkedin pages.

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