Lawyer Facebook Ads in Dallas Texas

Dallas Attorneys Who Need Facebook Ads…

If you have seen our Facebook ad campaign and wanted more information on the process, then we recommend that you contact for your lawyer Facebook ads. Below you can watch Dustin’s Lawyer Facebook Ads FAQ, also posted on his YouTube Channel.

Lawyer Facebook Ads Frequently Asked Questions Video Summary

  1. What practice areas work best on Facebook?
  2. Why Dustin thinks everyone else is doing it wrong?
  4. How to avoid getting bad comments on your Ad.
  5. Who should use videos instead of text Ads?
  6. Where do you send the traffic?
  7. Where can I learn to do them myself?
  8. Does Facebook work better than SEO?
  9. Do Youtube Ads Work Better than Facebook Ads?
  10. Should I quit practicing law and just run Facebook Ads for Lawyers?
  11. How can I get on Dustin’s ChatBot and see the entire PROVING IT SERIES + EVERYTHING HE KNOWS ABOUT FACEBOOK?


Do Facebook Ads Work For Every Practice Area?

Message from Dustin:

I have helped several attorneys run their Facebook ads and the results are almost always positive. My agency has worked with several car accident lawyers, and the process that we use to run ads helps not only increase traffic and phone call, but it also helps with their rankings. We’ve also worked with DWI / DUI attorneys, general criminal lawyers, immigration, bankruptcy, divorce, slip & fall, and the list goes on. Basically…if becoming KNOWN for your practice area in your particular city would help your practice, then my unique style of Facebook ads will work for you.