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What are the Standard Field Sobriety Tests in Dallas Texas?

Why do criminal attorneys tell you to refuse all Field Sobriety Tests? Here is one criminal attorneys take on that subject in this video…

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Video Summary:

What are the Standard Field Sobriety Tests, and do you have a right to refuse them?

3 Standard Field Sobriety Tests

A police officer will generally ask you to take a field sobriety test because it allows the State to gather evidence against you.

They are the…

  • Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus Test
  • The “Walk and Turn”
  • The One-Legged Stand for Balance

Why would you “voluntarily” take these tests (administered by a biased proctor)?

The police officer is basically asking you to help prove that you are guilty of a crime. These tests help the police establish probable cause to arrest you for a DWI.

The Constitution secures your right to refuse these tests. Don’t help the police build a case against you.

The criminal prosecutor will use the results of your field sobriety test to convict you of driving while intoxicated.

Refuse All Field Sobriety Tests…

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