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DWI Lawyer in the Dallas – Fort Worth Texas area. Reasons to refuse field sobriety tests in Texas.

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Many clients want to know why DWI Attorneys advise you to refuse to take the breath test or any other field sobriety test during a DWI stop by a law enforcement officer.

Here are a few good reasons…

Refuse the Breath Test – Do Not Blow Dallas

  1. You don’t want to aid the police in building their case against you (gathering evidence against you).
  2. Regardless of your Blood Alcohol Level, you will still probably spend a night in jail.
  3. The higher your blood alcohol level, the increased likelihood of higher DWI fines and penalties.
  4. Even if the breath test is under the legal limit, the arresting officer will probably have you evaluated to see if any other drugs are present in your system.

All of the above are good reasons why most criminal defense attorneys in Texas will advise you to refuse the breath test, refuse any field sobriety tests, and refuse to take the blood test.

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