Car Accident Lawyers for Hit By Drunk Driver

There are personal injury lawyers who help accident victims that were injured by a drunk driver. Typically a car accident case is all about proving negligence and fault.

It’s also true that society has a vested interested in keeping drunk drivers off the road and this is often reinforced by the legal system via auto accident personal injury lawyers.

Linda is widely considered one of the best car accident lawyers for drunk driving victims. Her “make them pay” campaign went viral in early 2018.

Hit by Drunk Driver Settlement

Last year saw a massive drunk driver injury lawsuit settlement by one of Houston’s best motorcycle lawyers. It is actually common for motorcycle accident riders to be side-swiped by drunk drivers because the size of a motorcycle makes it very difficult for an inebriated driver to even see the motorcyclist. Of course this is no excuse and large settlements like this one help to provide some measure of deterrence that may keep insurance companies from insuring drivers with a history of drunk driving. This in turn may help to keep this extremely dangerous drivers off of the road.

Rear Ended by Drunk Driver Settlement

If you are involved in a drunk driving accident (as the victim) your attorney will most likely sue the driver personally and the driver’s insurance company as well. These is some probability that the insurance company will simply want to settle in that situation instead of engaging in a long drawn out court battle (that they could possibly lose anyway).

Hit & Run Lawyers

It’s also common for drunk drivers to flee the scene of the accident. This turns it into a “hit and run” situation.

The simple fact is that these drivers are so drunk that they do not even realize they have hit someone, and they just keep driving oblivious to the life they may have just ruined or seriously changed.

If you, or a loved one are injured by a drunk driver, then you should first seek immediate medical attention. Get the police involved as soon as possible. Whenever it is safe to do, you should take as many pictures of the accident and injuries as possible. Many personal injury lawyers will ask you to “text” these images to them. These will most likely be used as evidence in any court case or as evidence in the settlement negotiations.